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Websites and smartphone applications development

We can help you setup your website using our framework technology and take advantage of the following:

  • perfect score in html validation
  • perfect score in css validation
  • high/perfect score in SEO testing tool (depending on customer content, keywords and URL backlinks)
  • high/perfect score in web accessibility (partly depending on customer content)
  • high score in pagespeed (depending on customer usage of third party library and server)
  • device detection and responsive web design
  • highly secured log in procedure
  • highly secured form
  • highly secured database access
  • easy to update/upload new content
  • auto generated menu according to available content
  • easy to implement payment procedure
  • easy to implement rotating publicity banners
  • easy to implement secured/restricted access to audio and video files
  • support from IE6
  • framework tailored to your needs. No useless server load with scripts never being used.
  • we can adapt and translate your content for the following languages: English, French, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai

Looten International Website Solutions (LIWS)

What is LIWS

The LIWS framework allows you to create a website to your specifications. Your website will be constructed without HTML/CSS markup errors and optimised for web accessibility. Benefits include less loading time, faster responsiveness and easy to access pages, as well as greatly impacting the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the website. Moreover, the LIWS website framework is capable of supporting multiple languages.

Why choose LIWS

The LIWS website framework is compact and composed only of the necessary functions for your website ensuring there is no useless server load. LIWS configures our framework to fit your website with 100% relevance. The smaller and more compact framework will help you navigate easily through the code and make changes as necessary. The LIWS framework is capable of supporting a responsive website that caters to both desktop and mobile versions of a website. LIWS can also improve the SEO score of your website content by adapting the html tags. All in all, LIWS is a well-balanced framework that works comprehensively on all kinds of websites.

The LIWS Development Stages

Your website will be developed with LIWS in 4 phases.

Phase 1 - Requirements and specifications gathering,

In this phase, our engineers will communicate with you and gather the requirements for your website. If you are not sure what your specifications should be, our engineers will advise you and guide you along the way.

Phase 2 - Design and develop website with LIWS

In this phase, we will design your website based on the specifications that we have gathered in phase 1. The website will be developed using LIWS. During this phase, our engineers will update you frequently on the progress and discuss with you any changes that we think are beneficial.

Phase 3 - Testing and Search Engine Optimization

In phase 3, we will conduct several website tests and help you improve the SEO score of your website content. SEO will be highly effective due to the SEO-friendly website structure LIWS provides.

Phase 4 - Maintenance (Optional)

In this last phase, you can opt for LIWS to help you maintain your website.


As LIWS can be modified to best suit your website needs, the price will depend on the scale of your website. You can contact us at accounting@looten-international.com for a quote.

Mobile applications

android iOS logo Our team of engineers develop Android and IOS applications ranging from straightforward content readers to complex interactive educational software.
We design and develop standalone applications as well as fully server-application integrated software.

We strive to develop efficient applications that best suit the customer’s design specifications at competitive prices.