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Support for language education

Our experienced teachers support the foreign language courses of educational institutions such as business and technical colleges.

Services provided:

  • Syllabus design in consideration of the students skill and pedagogical objectives
  • Teaching materials selection
  • Routine test and final examination

Optional services

  • Placement test and class roster
  • Specially designed teaching material
  • Management/coordination of teaching team
  • Dedicated online students portal and smartphone applications

Basic framework on which our courses are based:

1) Conversation practice

We aim at conducting classes in which all students are active.
Taking part in conversations with the lecturer improves communication skills, opens the way to a better understanding of idiomatic expressions and is a great source of motivation for students.

2) Grammar and vocabulary

Grammar and vocabulary are fundamental to progress in studying a foreign language.
In order to achieve better results, our teachers always take the time to build solid foundations first.

3) Reading comprehension, listening comprehension

Reading comprehension, listening comprehension and speaking ability are closely linked. Well designed classes keeping a good balance between these three components is one of the keys to growth.

4) Writing

Many students face great difficulties when expressing themselves in writing, especially in a business related environment. All our courses include a writing component designed to improve these skills.

5) Homework

Homework is necessary for students to understand their weaknesses.
A mix of easy and challenging exercises will help students with difficulties to catch up, and ask beneficial questions during the classes.